An elopement

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May 9, 1889On last Thursday night Miss Minnie Beylor, the handsome 19-year-old daughter of Geo. Beylor, Esq., eloped from her father’s residence near Oak Hill in their county, with Mr. James Menifee, son of Hanson J. Menifee, Esq.

Our informant states that leaving Mr. B.’s house about 10 o’clock Thursday night they drove to Front Royal, a distance of 18 miles, to take the northbound passenger train at 9 o’clock on Friday morning.

Mr. B., learning of their movement, took that train himself at Rileyville on that morning, and intercepted the happy couple at Front Royal station. With but little effort, he induced his daughter, who seems to have taken the whole matter good-naturedly, to return home with him.

Nothing daunted, however, by the superior generalship of her father in this trail of wits, on Monday our fair young friend made a valuable ally of her brother “Bud,” who brought her to Luray where she was joined by Mr. Menifee.

Late in the afternoon they took the train for Hagerstown, the accommodating conductor stowing them safely away in a locked pullman car, secure from the unfriendly intrusion of any one.

Reaching Hagerstown they were met at a hotel by a minister, who in a few minutes consummated their fond hopes.

On Tuesday they returned to Luray and are now spending their honeymoon at the residence of our townsman, Mr. James Bumgardner, on Water Street.

All’s well that ends well, and so we hope this may prove to be.

The parents of both parties are among our most respected citizens, and their many friends hope that the “old folks at home” will speedily forgive them.

We understand that Mr. Beylor’s only objection to the match was the youthfulness of the pair. 

~ From the public archives of the Page News and Courier

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