Youths arrested at ‘hide out’ in Falls Hollow

Old country road

August 30, 1962 — Two boys were arrested Thursday night of last week for a trio of entries into Luray business places the night before.

Later they confessed to the theft of three automobiles, one from the Blue Bell lot in Luray and one from Arlington and one from Washington. Both are being held in the Page County Jail. Bond set at $12,000 each.

The pair was arrested in what police described as a “regular little hide out” in Falls Hollow, nine miles east of Luray and stated that the three autos were found at the location.

Some $140 in cash plus merchandise and auto tools and accessories were taken in the burglaries of two Luray service stations and a store. Entered were the Phillips 66 and Cities Service stations in town and the Fairview Grocery store two miles east of Luray. 

~ From the public archives of the Page News and Courier


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