A serious affair in Knighton’s bar room

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September 26, 1889 — A serious affair occurred in Knighton’s bar room at Milnes last Saturday night, in which it is thought that Geo. Copperstone, of that place, received a wound which will result in his death.

It being the evening after pay day, a number had gathered in the bar room and were having quite a convivial time, as is usual upon such occasions. Wm. Knight was one of the number, a young man by the name of Higgs soon joined the party.

All were fellow laborers, and when sober were regarded as the best of friends, when Higgs entered Knight applied to him a familiar epithet, which Higgs resented. One word brought on another, when finally the quarrel was taken up on behalf of Higgs by a man named Geo. Copperstone, who attacked Knight, threw him down, so our informant states, and was giving quite a lively drubbing. He suddenly quit, however and jumping up ran from the bar room.

Ten or 15 minutes later he was found in Dr. Wolfe’s office of that place receiving the surgical attention which it was found that his critical condition required. He had been cut terribly about the back, breast and hip, and was as bloody as a butcher.

Knight, it is supposed, during the time at Copperstone, was upon him as about as busy with his knife as Copperstone was with his fists.

After his wounds were dressed he was taken to his home. The doctor, we learn, pronounced his injuries almost necessarily fatal, though at this writing he is still living. 

~ From the public archives of the Page News and Courier


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