A serious affray

Luray-Main St old

December 18, 1890 — Wm. Bundy, Walker Terrill, Jim Mason, Henry Wise, Clarence Smith and John Slater, colored men of this place, were arrested on Friday night last and by Justice John S. Grayson committed to jail on charge of assaulting J.W. Parker, a colored shoemaker, of this town.

According to Parker’s account they attacked him on the commons west of town about half past 9 o’clock on the night named, and attempted to “get away with him” by dragging him toward the woods nearby, with the purpose he thinks of hanging him to a limb to freeze.

Parker, who from long practice has become expert in the use of a shoe knife, made a valiant and successful defense, inflicting wounds on most of his assailants, cutting some of them very severely, and putting the whole squad to flight.

The trial of all parties will soon come off in the county court, when, we suppose, the origin of the difficulty will come to light. 

~ From the public archives of the Page News and Courier


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