Barbee births idea for Confederate memorial

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April 18, 1889Mr. Herbert Barbee, sculptor of this place, fired with a zeal to perpetuate the memory of the gallant boys of Page who fell in “the lost cause,” has conceived the idea of erecting on the court green a statue of heroic size, representing a Confederate soldier, musket in hand, and clad in the well-remembered gray.

To accomplish this Mr. Barbee will ask aid of all old soldiers and their friends in raising a sum sufficient to barely meet the actual outlay for the work.

Those who have seen specimens of Mr. B.’s work need not be told that his idea will be couched in appropriate form, nor of his ability to do the work in true artistic style.

We hope his praise- worthy sentiment and commendable ambition may meet with hearty response from our citizens generally.

While it is a mark of a high civilization to care for all the dead, it has still more characterized enlightened people of all ages to pay especial honor to the memory of those who have died on the battlefield contending for the general good and for cherished principles. 

~ From the public archives of the Page News and Courier

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