Bold housebreaker

Luray museum

August 8, 1889 Last Sunday night a girl living with Mr. John W. Ogden, who lives in this place, was aroused by a noise in the house and quickly discovered that some intruder had broken in.

She aroused Mr. O., who is a deaf mute, and he chased the thief who made his escape through a window, Mr. O.’s son firing at him as he left.

At 5 o’clock on Monday morning the family of Mr. C.H. Rowzee, who lives on Water Street, was aroused by a man discovered in the house.

Mr. R. was awake at the time, and quickly rising, saw the fiend, escaping from the roof on a rear building.

Starting in pursuit barefooted and in his undergarments he came within sight of the villain near Main Street.

On seeing Mr. R., he started off as fast as he could run in the direction of the depot, Mr. R. in hot pursuit, who followed him as far as the railroad bridge and there lost sight of him.

Mr. R.’s family was of course greatly frightened, and the community greatly excited that two such outrages should have been attempted in one night.

A large party of men soon gathered and started in search of the fugitive, who, however, unfortunately made his escape.

It is to be hoped that efforts will not yet be abandoned to secure him and bring him to justice. 

~ From the public archives of the Page News and Courier

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