Bottled water plant considered near Shenandoah

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October 26, 1989 — Burner Well Drilling of McGaheysville is in the process of drilling a test hole to determine the feasibility of a bottled water plant near Shenandoah, according to Town Councilman Elmo Stanley.

Stanley said Friday that the Eppard Farm has been purchased by a group of individuals known as McLean Development Ltd. and that this is where the drilling is taking place.

Stanley, who is the chairman of the town’s water and sewer committee, said that while there may be a market for bottled water in the Eastern United States, he is concerned about the well depleting the town’s water supply.

The town well is in the Eppard Subdivision which lies adjacent to the Eppard Farm, Stanley noted. The farm is outside the town corporate limits.

Gary Burner of Burner Well Drilling said that the well being drilled by the Northern Virginia group will not affect the town’s water system

~ From the public archives of the Page News and Courier

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