Circuit Court awarded grant to preserve local records

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~ Press release issued by Page County Circuit Court

RICHMOND, Dec. 22, 2020 — The Library of Virginia has announced that the Circuit Court Records Preservation (CCRP) program has awarded Page County Circuit Court Clerk C. Grayson Markowitz a grant in the amount of $4,656 for local records preservation.

The funds will be used to conserve the following, currently stored in the clerk’s office:

• Common Law Order Book No. 2,

• Deed Book R 1874 thru 1875,

• Register of Births 1865 through 1872,

• Register of Deaths 1864 through 1872.

These court records will also be digitized, so they can be made available to the public through the clerk’s online records management system.

“We’re very excited,” Markowitz said. “These records are the history of our county. We have an obligation to make sure that they are available for future generations.”

“We have also received from our county, a [CARES Act allocation] totaling $86,905 to scan all deed books back to 1831, the start of the county,” Markowitz continued. “There again, this will protect all Page County Deed Books for the future and allow generations to have these documents available for all time.”

Since 1990, the CCRP has awarded over 1,000 grants totaling more than $20 million. This year, the program awarded $1,633,800.19 to 95 localities to assist the clerk’s offices with their preservation efforts.

The CCRP is part of the Library of Virginia’s Local Records Service Branch. Funded through a $3.50 portion of the clerk’s recordation fee, the CCRP provides resources to help preserve and make accessible permanent circuit court records stored in the 120 circuit courts and at the Library of Virginia.

“We are very happy that the Library of Virginia has given approximately $98,000 in grants to refresh books over the last five years,” Markowitz said. “With this new COVID money from Page County, we will have all deed books on line by early spring of 2021.”

For more information on the Circuit Court Records Preservation program’s resources and services, visit



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