‘I don’t like it when folks claim I lie’


Dear Editor:

When I write letters to newspapers, I spend most of my preparation researching information on the subjects I write about, so I’m confident of the accuracy of my letters and know I’m not going to embarrass myself. As such, I tend to comfortably ignore nasty responses from readers, but, I don’t like it when folks claim I lie and call me unkind things like being a “socialist.” I thought I was an Italian American from New Jersey.

A recent letter from a man in Elkton strongly disagreed with my prior letter concerning how and why four Republican Congressmen from Virginia violated the law and their oaths of office by outrageously supporting a Texas lawsuit that wanted to discard the certified presidential election results of four key states that supported Joe Biden. Donald Trump continues to claim massive fraud in these elections, but thank God we have a Supreme Court that threw out the Texas lawsuit, just another one of the nonsensical 60-odd legal disputes by Trump that the courts have rejected.

While the important issue I wanted to share was that those four Congressmen (including our own Rep. Ben Cline) basically supported overthrowing a legitimate national election of the federal government — in short, this is historically known as conducting a COUP, a shameful action in any case by for legislators who swore an oath of office to defend democracy and the U.S. Constitution. Yes, they violated the law.

Yet, the man from Elkton completely missed the point that a coup was attempted in 2020 with the support of Virginia Republican legislators solely for political reasons. For example, by the second paragraph of his letter, he contended that I had erred by claiming that only three of the four Virginia Congressmen joined the Texas lawsuit, which he said was “easy” to verify.  Had Mr. Jefferson checked any major newspaper, the fact of the matter is that three of the Congressmen joined the suit on a Thursday, and the fourth Congressman, Rep. Morgan Griffith wasn’t able to add his name to the suit until Friday, the next day.

If Mr. Jefferson wants to call me a liar, he needs to do more research. I won’t bother readers by responding to other mistakes in Mr. Jefferson’s letter.

Don Feliciano ~ Luray, Va.  


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