Just how gullible are ‘Retrumplicans’?


Dear Editor,

I attached two bumper stickers to my car for the presidential election — one supported Joe Biden and Kamala Harris, but the more important sticker to me was one that said “People Died So You Can Vote.” When I attached that sticker, I thought of the dozens of B-17 flight crews who served with my father, their flight surgeon, from the 22nd Army Air Force Bomb Squadron who died during WWII during bombing missions in India. I also think about the four soldiers from Hawthorne, N.J. — my hometown — who died during the Vietnam war.  

All of these soldiers, in my mind, were brave patriots who died for their country in support of protecting democracy and the U.S. Constitution. They died for you and me. Not a single one would have ever considered doing something so un-American as supporting a defeated presidential candidate to take over the presidency election by supporting the rejection of millions of legitimately filed votes.

You have to ask yourself how gullible are 50 million Republican supporters of Donald Trump who now are opposed to Joe Biden becoming President based on charges by a lying sore loser who charges voter fraud nationally, singularly based on Trump’s lies and allegations and in the absence of NOT A SINGLE PIECE OF EVIDENCE, even after extensive voter registration investigations and 30 lawsuits have been thrown out  by an array of judges right up to and including the Supreme Court. No evidence except Trump’s word? How stupid is this? He’s even calling the Supreme Court justices “stupid” now.

This is known as attempting a coup — and usually involving rioting and murders — to overthrow government elections in other countries — but which have NEVER occurred in the United States. At least I thought we were better than that.

What were supposedly reasonable, educated citizens thinking when they decided that overthrowing the duly elected government — an election that was certified by EACH of the 50 states — was the patriotic thing to do? If you ask your neighbors who support this coup why they would support this ridiculous and likely illegal action, the typical response by these folk — now generally called “Retrumplicans” because no definition exists — a typical response is that “Men supposedly landed on the moon, and you’re asking me to believe this even when I wasn’t there.” I’ve always thought my father was the smartest man I knew. I now know what he meant when he said, “God loves stupid people, because he made so many of them.”

You and I know that you really know the truth about the election being fair and that Trump has lied once again. No matter what you currently believe, you will learn that, in the coming years, dozens of books will be published and historians will note truthfully that Trump lied about the alleged election fraud, and history will roundly condemn his legacy and be a lifelong embarrassment to you.

Don’t be stupid; tell your family and friends the truth now so you won’t need to forever deny that you supported a liar and were so gullible. And, don’t be scammed by this millionaire grifter and donate your hard-earned dollars to his “legal” defense fund. 

Don’t continue being a sucker to this poor loser. 

Don Feliciano ~ Luray, Va.  


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  1. I’m glad someone is putting out for people so they know that there are other normal intelligent minded people still living in the USA . Thank You! for posting this.
    All I see in the news is just the retrumplican party and boo hoo the republicans are demanding this and doing that, watch out everyone.
    The the retrumplicans need to know there are way more of us than them and the good the smart will always prevail.
    I will do anything to protect the good over the bad and help anyone who is willing to stand for what’s truly right. It certainly is not the current republican way.
    Trump is a treasonous traitor and should be brought to justice and all the Senators and Congressmen that supported and still support the Trump way. They are not my brother and I will never help or support one.
    I make note and still today of people in my town who have trump support signs still up today. I will not buy from their stores or restaurants I will not support anything to do with them or their families. I look up now who and we’re I spend and give money and make sure it does not go to a republican. It’s easy to check just look at voting records.

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