Appalled at Trump’s ‘continuos disrespect of science’


Dear Editor,

Since I was a young girl in Costa Rica, my dream was to be a scientist and work for NASA. I came to the USA with a BS in chemistry, followed by an MS in Biochemistry and a PhD in Physical Chemistry. I also worked for NASA as a scientist, the best years of my life. My work was not a job to me, but an exciting adventure. I also made a concerted effort to inspire young people to study science.

 I am appalled now at Donald Trump’s continuous disrespect of science and scientists all for political reasons. More than 200,000 loved Americans have died as a result, and he denies climate change. Science is not a set of beliefs like religion. Science is based on facts, observations over time and testing using sophisticated and accurate instruments.   

Climate change is real. It is the result of the presence of gases released by cars, coal burning, etc. We have observed glaciers melting in Siberia, the Artic and Antarctica. The earth is heating and because of science we know why and how to stop it.  

That is why we need to teach our children respect for science and inspire many to become scientists; it is the only way to save the world.

Trump does not understand this. He is too ignorant or too arrogant to accept that he does not know anything and he is setting a terrible example for our future generations.

Biden, on the other hand, will take advice from scientists and support STEM programs.

Save science, our children and the world — vote Biden/Harris.

Jeannette Benavides, PhD – retired NASA scientist ~ Stanley, Va.  

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  1. Every issue that presents itself, including the pandemic and climate change have a multitude of ramifications which must be addressed. Science is just one of these. Economics, psychological, environmental, including political concerns are just as important.

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