Class of 2020 touts one of state’s top graduation rates

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~ Press release issued by Page County Public Schools on Oct. 5

LURAY, Oct. 5Page County Public Schools announced today that 98.9 percent of students who entered the ninth grade during 2016-2017 school year graduated from high school within four years.

The Class of 2020 on time graduation rate ranks Page County Public Schools among the top four school divisions across the Commonwealth. Two school divisions earned 100 percent (Highland County with 14 students and Richmond County with 96 students) and Grayson County (116 students) achieved 99.1 percent.

With a much larger senior class (263 students), PCPS came in next with an impressive 98.9 percent of seniors earning an approved diploma compared to 96.5 percent the prior year.

PCPS graduates continue to surpass the state average of 92.3 percent.

In the Class of 2020, eight students earned two-year Associate Degrees from Lord Fairfax Community College while another 30 earned certificates achieving a year’s worth of college credits in addition to earning 70 Career and Technical Education Certifications.

“We want to thank all the teachers who ever worked with the Class of 2020 graduates during their school years. Each and every one had a role to play in helping the students reach their potential throughout each grade level,” said Dr. Wendy González, PCPS Superintendent. “This was a team effort
from their kindergarten teachers all the way through their high school teachers. Also, the families played a critical role in supporting and encouraging their student to do their best and stay the course in spite of
the unique, early closure of schools we experienced this past year. Everyone contributed to the students’ success in graduating high school on time.”

Of the students who entered high school as first-time ninth graders in 2016:

• 53.9 percent earned an Advanced Studies Diploma;

• 44.9 percent earned a Standard or Other Diploma;

• 0.8 percent earned a GED or Completer Certification; and

• 0.4 percent dropped out.

Some students with disabilities are afforded the opportunity to earn an Applied Studies or Modified Standard Diplomas. Students who earn high school equivalency certificates (GED) or a certificate of completion without earning a diploma are not included as graduates in calculating on time graduation rates; therefore, the difference between the graduation rate and the dropout rates may not always equate.

The PCPS graduation rates for student racial, ethnic and socioeconomic groups reported to the state are as follows:

• 100 percent of Asian students graduated;
• 100 percent of Black students graduated;
• 92.9 percent of Hispanic students graduated;
• 99.2 percent of White students graduated;
• 100 percent of students of multiple races graduated;
• 100 percent of students with disabilities graduated; and
• 98.6 percent of economically disadvantaged students graduated.

All high schools have to meet an annual benchmark rate for graduation and completion to earn state accreditation. In addition, benchmarks for reducing dropout rates and chronic absenteeism are also included as part of the revisions to the accreditation standards adopted by the state Board of Education in 2017.



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