Rednecks and good ole’ boys


Not long ago I watched several young women being interviewed. They were all lovely southern girls and one of the questions they were asked was “What’s the difference between a redneck and a good ole’ boy?”

One of the young ladies responded thusly: “You want to party with a redneck, but it’s the good ole’ boy you want to take home to meet Momma and Daddy.” Now’ that’s a succinct and insightful explanation. Don’t you think? 

I was raised in the South, and for many years I was indeed somewhat of a redneck. But for the last 35 years or so, I’ve been a good ole’ boy. How do I describe a good ole boy? To begin with a good ole’ boy is kind and courteous (unless given a reason to be otherwise). A good ole’ boy tries to keep an open mind, and isn’t afraid to admit that he’s made a mistake. And a good ole’ boy looks after his family at all times, and if he’s got enough to share, he shares it with his friends and those in need. 

In the political stew that makes up our local, state and national governments, I reckon you can find a good amount of rednecks (though most wouldn’t admit it). But dang if I can think of any good ole’ boys in that crew. 

And if you were to take my description of a good ole boy (above), turn it on its ear and describe a man who is the complete opposite, I don’t know what you’d call him, but I’m thinking of a man in D.C. who fits that description to a tee.

 I’m hoping come next January, like the virus, he’ll “just go away.

Rick Walker ~ Luray, Va.

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  1. Agree! Too bad for the community to have had the Mayor make such a stupid and racist comment. Unless the community responds that it will not tolerate such behavior, it’s reputation as a “red neck” not a “good ol’ boy” town will last a very long time. Too bad for such a beautiful place so close to our nation’s Capital and with the historical roots way back to our founding father George Washington to have to bear the stain of racism so far into the 21st century as perpetuated by Mr. Mayor.

  2. Agreed! Silence is compliance. Ignored behavior is condoned behavior. Residents denounce the mayor’s blatant racist statement!

  3. A redneck says the “N” word.A good ol’ boy speaks of “law and order,”” street crime,”” no school busing,” and all the other “N” word dog-whistle phrases . And they’re both Trumpsters.

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