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As members of the Shenandoah Valley Electric Coop, Page County households last week received their ballots to vote in the upcoming election to fill two slots on the SVEC Board of Directors. 

I urge you to vote for Sally Newkirk.  

She would be new to the board and would bring a fresh perspective, as well as plenty of experience as a businesswoman and long-time community volunteer. 

Newkirk, like other candidates, pledges to ensure SVEC decisions support economic development, local control and affordable rates. What makes Newkirk stand out to me is her additional pledges to help find solutions for members struggling to pay their utility bills in the difficult time; to improve the resiliency and stability of SVEC’s grid through alternative, affordable energy technologies; and to address our problems with reliable internet service.

Dependable, strong internet service is a must for local business and economic development. Our experience of the last few months has compounded our connectivity needs. Those lucky enough to be able to work from home find current services inadequate. Our children have lost valuable months of their education because too few have the resources to study from home.

 Other Virginia electric cooperatives are bringing broadband to their members. Newkirk wants to head SVEC and our area in that direction, too.  

Please give her your vote and give her ideas a chance.

Barbara Halpern ~ Luray, Va.

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