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Dear Editor,

Donald Trump is a proven pathological liar who tells the millions of his disciples, known as his base, that the medical and public health experts trying to understand and find a cure for the Covid-19 pandemic are wrong (“It’s a Democrat conspiracy”) and that the horrible numbers of American deaths  are “fake news.” 

Trump admits to lying about the situation over the last six months to distract from the failure of his mismanagement of the virus. 

After repeatedly distorting the facts to hide his mismanagement of the virus, Trump has disbanded the White House Coronavirus Task Force, systematically removing the medical and public health experts, and replacing them with his personally selected “expert” with no virus experience.

Trump grades his efforts as an “A+” despite not having any medical or public health credentials and not supporting protection from the virus through wearing masks and practicing safe distances among large groups.  The current total U.S. deaths under Trump’s “leadership” is nearing 205,000 Americans over the last six months. Two of my friends are among the dead.

So, in summary, Trump is a proven liar who doesn’t know what he’s doing regarding this horrible disease.  Based on these facts, isn’t voting to re-elect this incompetent person sound kind of stupid?

Don Feliciano ~ Luray, Va.  


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