Electors have ‘patriotic’ duty to flip and vote for Trump


Dear Editor,

I am blessed to be living in a county where most people have common sense. Most voters voted for Trump.

[Today] the electors nationwide meet. Their names are published, but not their e-mail addresses, sadly. I believe the Biden electors have a patriotic, if not constitutional, duty to flip and vote for Trump based on protecting our national security and upholding our democracy.

The Biden-Harris leftist, 110-page policy agenda document is a blueprint for socialism in America. It is sheer lunacy on its face. Electors need to read it before they vote and also consider the following:

a) Biden’s declining mental status as shown in video clips at Trump rallies;

b) the Hunter Biden story that casts doubt on Joe Biden’s abilities to get tough on China;

c) growing evidence of voter fraud and irregularities including hundreds of depositions from citizens in battleground states.

Electors have a constitutional duty to protect our democracy. They are the last line of defense and must cast their votes for Trump.

Please spread the word, quickly.

Teresa Brumback ~ Luray, Va.  


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  1. Ignorant AF, I personally apologize to you Teresa for so many people of color having the audacity to vote in the last election

  2. Ms. Brumback ignores facts. 7 million more Americans voted for Mr. Biden than Mr. Trump. Those voters considered the agendas, behaviors and suitabilities of both candidates. We, as a nation, chose Mr. Biden. The Attorney General of the United States and the Homeland Security official charged with election security both declared that there was no meaningful election fraud. Judges at the State, Federal and Supreme Court who reviewed the alleged evidence of fraud has rejected the claims as unproven. Mr. Biden is properly the President-elect.

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