‘United we stand, divided we fall’


To the Citizens of Page County:

Though I regret the social division caused by today’s fiercely partisan political climate, I am encouraged by the passion that many of you have recently displayed for our country’s democracy and its ideals.

In Page County and beyond, this passion bodes well for young Americans who watched more voting-age citizens cast votes in 2020 than in any other election since 1900.

It also reminds us that despite our many differences, Page County citizens of both party persuasions share a common concern for our country’s history as the pioneer of democracy.

As we discuss politics with one another in the coming months and years, we must keep this common interest in mind. If we choose instead to embrace the evils of partisan hatred, then we will have failed to show our children the truth of the words written by John Dickinson in 1768 as the American colonies hurtled toward war with the British:

“United we stand, divided we fall.”

Christopher J. Wells ~ Luray, Va.  


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