Support justice and stop denigrating those of us who do


Dear Editor:

Prior to the Christmas holiday, there was a letter published by the Page Valley News that seemed to be fueled far more by the author’s hatred for President Trump, and apparently all Republicans, than by the facts.

The first erroneous statement was that “all four of the Republican Congressmen from Virginia” supported the Texas v Pennsylvania lawsuit earlier this month. In reality, Rep. Denver Riggleman from the 5th Congressional District did not sign on to the amicus brief. This was widely covered in the media and easy to verify had the time been taken to do so.

Next, the amicus brief signed by the remaining GOP members of Virginia’s Congressional delegation — Rep. Ben Cline, Rep. Morgan Griffith, and Rep. Rob Whitman — simply implored the Supreme Court to take up the case, it did not pass judgement on its merit and, in fact, expressly stated that passing judgement was the sole responsibility of the Court. In their public comments, our representatives stated that the American people deserve a public hearing in front of an impartial judiciary in order to settle concerns about election fraud — and believe me, there are many of us who are concerned.

Finally, this lawsuit had nothing to do with undermining Americans’ right to vote. This was a very specific complaint regarding the actions of elections officials in Pennsylvania and other states. In the United States Constitution, it is expressly stated that the authority to set election procedures is the jurisdiction of our state legislatures. However, there were several instances where rules such as deadlines, voter ID requirements, and others were changed by unelected election officials or by governors without the input of their state legislatures. Contrary to claims that this lawsuit sought to undermine the Constitution, it was in fact seeking to uphold Article I, Section 4 which states: “The times, places and manner of holding elections for Senators and Representatives, shall be prescribed in each state by the legislature thereof…”

What I find so hard to wrap my head around is that if there was no voter fraud as many in the media and on the left claim, why are they losing their minds when folks suggest claims to the contrary be fully investigated and judgement passed by impartial judges? They’re obviously not very confident in their insistence that there was “absolutely no evidence of fraud” if they’re terrified of inquiries by the very judicial institutions that could confirm it.

A hearing before the Supreme Court should be something both sides of this issue can support. If you believe there was no voter fraud, this is an opportunity for the highest court in the land to exonerate the election officials who have been accused over these past few months.

So please, support justice and stop denigrating those of us who do.

Allen Jefferson ~ Elkton, Va.  

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