Dastardly assault with a piece of manganese

HISTORY-Lee highway builders

February 19, 1891 — Some wretch threw a piece of manganese ore, weighing two or three pounds, through a window in the office of the Stanley Furnace and Land Co., at Stanley, on last Friday night.

Mr. T.W. Shryock was sitting alone in the office at the time reading a newspaper, and the missile came within six inches of his head. It was thrown through the window shutter, cracking the glass out, and across the room, striking a picture which hung on the wall, knocked a hole in the plaster, cracking the laths beneath.

Mr. Shryock gave the alarm at once and a party went in search of the would-be murderer or robber, but could find no one.

If the perpetrator of this dastardly assault had been found the undertaker would probably had a job. 

~ From the public archives of the Page News and Courier

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