Decision 2023-District 2 Supervisor ~ Q&A with Allen Louderback

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Allen Louderback

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Allen Louderback

  • Age: 75
  • Education: B.S., Business Administration, Virginia Tech, 1970; Luray High School, Valedictorian, 1966.
  • Work: Founder and President, Louderback Enterprises, LLC, Real Estate Development 1998 to present; Analyst/Auditor, U.S. Government Accountability Office, Washington, D.C., 1970-1988.
  •  Elected office: Page County Board of Supervisors, District 2, 2020-present; member of Virginia House of Delegates, Virginia General Assembly, served 3 terms [as local delegate], 2000-2006; Page County Board of Supervisors, District 2, 1992-2000.
  • Appointed Positions:  Governor appointed, Virginia Cave Board, 2023; Governor appointed, Commonwealth Transportation Board, 2008.
  • Family: Wife, Nadia; two sons, Lance and Chase.
  • Community Service: Former President and current member of the Luray Rotary Club, 1992-present; former President and member of Luray Kiwanis Club, 1982-1992.

Why are you running for public office?

I want to continue using my expertise from the Federal, State and Local level to improve Page County for its citizens. It is a wonderful county that I love, and has been my family’s home for generations.

What makes you the best candidate?

My experience gained over the years and the training I acquired working with the U.S. Government Accountability Office, investigating the federal agencies for fraud, waste and abuse. It is the Board’s responsibility in our county to ensure that taxpayer’s money is spent efficiently and effectively.

What is the most pressing issue facing Page County?

We have a severe shortage of people who want to work to staff positions in all our industries including our existing manufacturing plants, agriculture sector, and tourist industries. This labor shortage to a degree is due to the lack of affordable housing, not only for our current workforce, but also our young people who are getting out of school and trying to secure their first place to live. 

What is one thing that you would like to change or improve?

Affordable housing is probably the main area to improve at this point, but we also deal with the drug and mental health issues that are becoming more of a concern to the community.

• Briefly describe a decision you have made in a leadership role and tell why you made that decision.

During my career with the U.S. Government Accountability Office, I served as Deputy Director for Publishing with my main responsibility to improve the operations of the department. Through various cost-cutting measures, I was able to cut the budget by 30 percent, totaling $1.9 million. This proved to me that government can be economical, if properly encouraged and lead.

Early voting starts Sept. 22


For election information visit the Page County Voter Registrar.



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  1. I have been going to BOS meetings since the issue of industrial solar raised it’s head here in Page. Mr Louderback has been steadfast in protecting Page from losing valuable farmland,and provides an experienced voice of reason on other issues as well. I have determined from observation that he is not swayed by fancy rhetoric,and i firmly belive he has his district’s constituates best interests first in his mind when conducting county business.

  2. I am glad that Mr louderback did the right thing in the solar fight and thank him for his work. I would like to know why he and the other supervisors have not directed staff to come up with an economic development plan to address issues of housing and jobs. The plan on the county website is more than 10 years old.why is the economic development office focusing on large expensive projects that will benefit tourism? Not jobs and housing? Why was the economic development director rehired 2 months after quitting, given a 10 percent pay increase and, apparently, retroactive benefits when the department has not addressed jobs and affordable housing, the most important issues, per Mr louderback? Why do the supervisors not demand more action from county staff to address the problems they identify?

    • Concerned voter, I appreciate your comments and concerns. A large amount of the Board and Staff’s time has been consumed revising the county ordinances to address large scale solar. While reviewing those ordinances, we realized that there were several sections that needed to be updated, and the Planning Commission is presently working on them.
      One of the Board’s main concerns is assisting our existing three manufacturers in retaining and finding individuals who want to work. They currently have 200 jobs available. Housing is a big issue and the strong real estate market has reduced available units. Hence, we are checking with neighboring counties and home manufacturers about building affordable communities in Page County. This is among other efforts we are working on that are too lengthy to share in this comment.
      Our present County Economic Development Director is an exemplary hardworking employee, and we are very pleased to have her back on board.
      I would invite you to learn more by attending both the Planning Commission and Board of Supervisors meetings.

  3. Why was 30 acres in size approved for solar farms? Eyewash?
    And good luck with your “affordable housing” with interest rates rising.

  4. As a citizen of Page County, I am pleased that Allen Louderback is seeking re-election to the county board of supervisors for District 2. Allen has been a faithful and effective representative for District 2, bringing his extensive experience and knowledge from the federal, state, and local levels to serve our county’s best interests. He has been a leader in promoting fiscal responsibility, economic development, and environmental protection. He has also been a strong supporter of public education, public health, and public safety, working closely with the county office of education, the superintendent, and the sheriff.
    One of the most important issues that Allen has worked extensively on is the solar issue here in Page County. He remained steady and calm throughout the process, he answered questions and did his own research. He helped the county pass a model ordinance that balances the benefits of renewable energy with the preservation of our natural and historical resources. He has shown his commitment to finding solutions that work for everyone in our county.
    I have gone to most of the meetings in the past four years, and I have witnessed Allen’s knowledge and expertise on most of the issues. He brings a lot of experience to the discussion and he is always well-prepared. I have also found him approachable and he is always willing to discuss concerns. He listens to our needs and concerns and works collaboratively with his fellow board members and county staff. He has the vision, integrity, and courage that we need in these challenging times. District 2 is very fortunate to have a supervisor of Allen’s caliber and we as a County are fortunate and should utilize the opportunity of his experience.

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