Egg thief caught by townsman

• FEBRUARY 24, 1887 — On last Monday night, our townsman, Mr. Jacob Elick, who always keeps one eye open to business even when asleep, was aroused by the loud squalls of his chickens. Getting up hurriedly, he went to his hen house to find his chickens in a great state of alarm and confusion, but could see no signs of the thief. Continuing his search however, he discovered in the dim light something or somebody tucked away back in one corner of the house. Advancing upon him he recognized the midnight marauder, a large full grown possum, grinning as vigorously as if he were delighted to be caught in as good company as Mr. E.’s chickens. He was nevertheless captured and disposed of. Mr. Elick attributes the loss of various eggs during the past two weeks to this same pleasant and affable gentleman. Any county possum that would come to town after eggs and chickens deserves the same fate that this one met. 

~ From the public archives of the Page News and Courier

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