Hunting accident

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November 24, 1911While on a hunting trip recently George and Ed Seekford, aged from 18 to 20 years, sons of J.W. Seekford, and T.J. Seekford’s son, Reuben Seekford, a youth of about the same age, all of the Rileyville neighborhood, had a thrilling experience as the result of the accidental discharge of a gun.

The three young men were loading their guns into a boat to cross the river several miles from Rileyville. George and Reuben Seekford had their guns unloaded for the purpose, but Ed had left one shell in his weapon.

As Ed slid the gun butt foremost into the boat the trigger was pulled by hitting one of the other guns or some other obstruction, the load blowing its way through part of the palm of Ed Seekford’s hand which rested over the muzzle, but made only a flesh wound.

Ed was stooping over at the time and the load passed through his coat close to his waist, but did not touch the skin.

The shot struck one of the other guns and deflected, striking Geo. Seekford in the face and breast. They stung badly, but did not imbed themselves in the flesh.

Ed was the only one needing a physician and he speedily recovered.

It is seldom that one can get on such intimate terms with the business end of a gun and get off so easily as did Ed Seekford as this occasion. 

~ From the public archives of the Page News and Courier

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