Law ‘strict in regard to moving…engines’ on roads

Luray museum

December 12, 1889Last Monday as Mr. Emanuel Varner was driving to town, and when passing the barn on the Henkel farm, near the mill south of town, his horse took fright at a whistle on a steam thresher situate at that place, and ran away, throwing Mr. Varner out of his wagon into a mud hole, fortunately, however, inflicting no serious injury.

The law is very strict in regard to moving traction engines along the highways, by compelling persons charged with their transportation to send a messenger ahead to warn persons who may be driving on the roads of their approach, and thus provide against accidents, and it should be no less so, as this instance proves, with regard to placing steam engines so near the road as to frighten teams. 

~ From the public archives of the Page News and Courier

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