LMS students organize ‘Spike It for Kids’ to support the needs of foster children

Addison Carney, 7th grade (green shirt); Madison Eavey, 8th grade (red sweater)

LURAY, March 23 — Eighth grader Madison Eavey and seventh grader Addison Carney, of the Luray Middle School FCCLA chapter, proudly announce the success of their recent fundraising initiative, “Spike It for Kids,” a volleyball tournament held on March 23, 2024, at Luray Middle School. The event aimed to raise funds to provide essential supplies for children entering the foster care system, in collaboration with the nonprofit organization People Places.

Children entering foster care often arrive with only the clothes on their backs, lacking basic necessities. Recognizing this need, Madison, Addison, and several volunteers took action to support these vulnerable children. Their goal was to raise $500 to purchase essential items such as diapers, wipes, toys and toiletries for children in foster care.

Through the use of the FCCLA planning process and dedication, the students mobilized their resources, including internet research, support from their FCCLA advisor, and assistance from parents and local businesses. They secured permission to use the school gymnasium for the tournament, created promotional materials using Canva, and enlisted volunteers to help referee games, manage the concession stand, and handle logistics. In an effort to offset costs of the event, the students secured a sponsorship from the Luray Moose Lodge.

The “Spike It for Kids” tournament attracted seven participating teams and garnered support from 18 volunteers. The event exceeded all expectations, raising a remarkable $1,305 to support foster children — a testament to the generosity and community spirit of Luray.

Reflecting on the success of the tournament, Madison Eavey shared, “We’re thrilled with the overwhelming support we received from our community. It’s truly heartwarming to see everyone come together to make a difference in the lives of foster children.”

The funds raised will be donated to People Places, a nonprofit organization dedicated to assisting families and children navigating the foster care system. Staff at People Places expressed gratitude for the donation, noting that it is the largest they have ever received.

Addison Carney added, “Our goal was not only to raise funds, but also to raise awareness about the challenges faced by children in foster care. We hope this event has shed light on their needs and inspired others to take action.”

The success of “Spike It for Kids” highlights the power of youth-led initiatives in creating positive change within communities. Madison, Addison, and the LMS volunteers exemplify the spirit of compassion and altruism, setting an inspiring example for others to follow.

These students will use this event to compete at the Virginia FCCLA State and Leadership Conference on April 12-14, 2024.

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