Man nabs robbers

HISTORY train Luray

April 8, 1965 — State Trooper R. Loring Bruce, 36, son of Mrs. Marie Bruce, of Luray, apprehended and arrested three men and a woman Thursday afternoon of last week shortly after two of the men had held up and robbed the Boyce Branch of the Bank of Clarke County.

About $12,000 was taken from the bank at gun point.

All but $100 was recovered.

Two women bank employees were alone in the bank when the two men with guns came to their windows and demanded money. The money was placed in paper bags furnished by the robbers. They were not masked.

About this time one of the women noticed a Mr.Cunningham parking his car in front of the bank. The bandits saw him also.

They ordered the two women to go in the bank room and close the door, which they did. The men departed.

Cunningham came into the bank and when he did not see any tellers, started to investigate. He saw the two men run across the street and up the street a short distance to where their car was parked. He noted the license number and a brief description of the car.

Mr. Cunningham found the women and gave them the license number. The women immediately notified the State Police at Culpeper who alerted all State Troopers in the area.

The robbery occurred at 12:56 p.m. and 18 minutes later Trooper R.L. Bruce intercepted the getaway station wagon and arrested four persons. 

~ From the public archives of the Page News and Courier

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