Meet Sandy


~ Submitted by the Page County Animal Shelter

Page Valley News highlights adoptable pets

from the Page County Animal Shelter to showcase their personality.

This is Sandy!

Sandy is an approximately 3 year old, female tabby. She found herself at the shelter after her owner passed away and there was no one left to care for her.

Sandy’s transition to the shelter life had a few hiccups, but, overall, she’s doing well. She was a little put off by the other cats at first, but she’s learned that they don’t mean her any harm.

She’s adorably sweet and loves to be in your presence. Her short, little legs and soft fur add an additional level of cuteness. She goes crazy for a wand toy and loves to play with you.

Sandy couldn’t possibly be any cuter! She’s the perfect companion and all she’s missing is you.

If you’d like to visit with Sandy,

please send the shelter an email inquiry or call the Page County Animal Shelter at (540) 778-2101. Please keep an eye out for our email reply. Sometimes they find their way to the spam/junk folder.

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