Mimslyn Inn… never again


I went to the University of Virginia. My father’s family grew up in Virginia.  My half-sister road with the Loudon Hunt. I live in Florida — and I visit Virginia every chance I get. My husband is a good sport and goes along with whatever I plan.  

I love old hotels. Several years ago, we discovered the Mimslyn Inn. We had a lovely overnight there during one of our trips to Virginia. Now that we’re retired, and we have more time, I’ve thought about extending that trip and staying longer.


Not visiting Luray. Not going to the caverns (I visited when I was 8). Not staying at the Mimslyn Inn. Not going near your town. 

By the way — I recommend you boycott Florida too — especially Jacksonville. With this a pandemic hot spot, it might take a real contraction in tourism to get our Governor’s attention. (We have no state income tax because we rely on tourists to come and spend money here. Thank you for visiting Florida). 

Your mayor needs to resign.

Suzi Bailey Stone ~ Jacksonville, Fla.  


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  1. Wow l am truly sorry to hear your views. I am a native of Page County. And the Mimslyn is a beautiful jewel in our town. While l respect your opinion. Don’t give up on us. We have alot to offer. I hope you return to the quiet and lovely place we are.

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