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HISTORY-Lee highway builders

February 4, 1891 — Sunday last, at Solomon Dean’s, on top of the Blue Ridge, the depth of snow averaged 25 inches. 

A large force of men went to work on last Monday morning cleaning out the Fox Mountain mines. 

Capt. J.M. Price, our wide-awake supervisor, having no children of his own, is now busily engaged in dressing up harness for Master Roller Gentry. He says a boy can’t make fuss enough without a horse. 

The rolling-mill work has been set back considerably by the frequent snows and storms that have occurred since the new year began, and it will be impossible to finish this great work within the time specified in the contract for its completion. Every one will regret this delay, but as there is no human power to prevent the bad weather at this season, we must all be content to bear the delay. 

The accession to the population of Shenandoah this year will be almost phenomenal, for right here we have the liveliest and most substantial town to be found in this great valley, and the desire for location in Shenandoah, because of its well assured great future, will bring a rush of people to invest in Shenandoah realty as well to engage in business. 

A number of the dwelling houses being erected for the S.L&I. Co. by Mr. T.P. Lippitt, contractor, of Charles Town, W.Va., are well under way. One is complete, another is being plastered, several ready for lathing. These are but a part of the one hundred houses the company has under contract. The above named houses are beautifully located, and when ready to be occupied will be found very convenient and comfortable. Several of the houses to be erected have been subcontracted to Messrs. Huddleston and Louderback, of this place, and they will be built with the utmost dispatch compatible with good work. 

The sales by our real estate agents are satisfactory considering the season, but there is no briskness in that line of business at present. 

~ From the public archives of the Page News and Courier

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