Joe Biden can’t catch a break


To the Editor:

Boy, Joe Biden can’t catch a break, even though he’s had some significant accomplishments in his first year as President. I admit I like the President; when I worked at the Library of Congress a million years ago, he was always kind and respectful to me, not the typical politician treatment of staffers who work on the Hill.

Biden was widely liked by both Democrats and Republicans, and he even was Republican Senator Lindsey Graham’s best friend (although Graham now denies the friendship once he turned into Donald Trump’s flunky). And, come on, how can you dislike a guy who tragically lost four members of his family and who took the train home from Washington to Delaware every night to have dinner with his family?

Every day on my way home, I pass a house with a sign out front that says “Biden is Not My President”; I hate to tell these Trumpites that, like it or not, Biden IS the President and will go down in history as our 46th President, regardless of them being conned by Donald Trump and still believing his manufactured “Big Lie” that the 2020 Presidential election was “rigged” by the Democrats who cheated him out of office.

Yet, even Donald should know that Biden received 7 million more votes from the public, got 36 more electoral votes than he needed, and was certified by Congress, all 50 states, and over 60 judges who threw out lawsuits filed by his disciples to overturn the election. But, Trump likes the attention, even if he will be branded a fool and the worst President in U.S. history.

I admit that I worry about 70 percent of the voters in Page County who voted for Trump in 2020 and would actually VOTE for him AGAIN in the next election even though he’s facing a bevy of criminal and civil lawsuits, including assaulting several women: (

I also wonder how these Page County Trumpites will explain to their grandchildren someday why they blindly supported the worst President in history? They’ll probably lie. Trump would be proud of them for backing him and his lies to the end.

And, now the January 6th Commission is investigating last year’s insurrection at the Capitol (a bipartisan commission option was not supported by Trump’s Republican disciples, despite its obvious occurrence as witnessed by you and me on TV) — the most embarrassing event in the nation’s history likely orchestrated by Trump and his disciples. Let’s be real — it’s called treason.

I shake my head as the Commission continues to find evidence that the presidential election was in fact rigged — but by the Republicans — and not the Democrats. How about those forged fake elector lists sent to VP Pence that turned up recently that were apparently orchestrated by Rudy Giuliani, Trump’s personal lawyer? OMG.

Moving on, I’m assuming that any loyal Trumpite returned their $1,400 relief checks sent to all of us after passage of Biden’s $1.4 trillion American Relief Plan, lest you forget (that’s TRILLION dollars, not bad for an allegedly incompetent President). Even the local press reported recently that Mayor Clinton Lucas of Shenandoah gave the
Shenandoah Rec League a check for $30,000, courtesy of that American Relief Plan. Thanks, President Biden. And, let’s not forget all those Republican congressmen and senators who did NOT give Biden’s legislation a single vote for his trillion dollar accomplishment, but then bragged anyway about all those funds that they helped acquire for their constituents.

Remember Donald Trump bragging about his involvement in developing the coronavirus vaccines. He did spearhead the effort with funds and tax relief, but forgot to coordinate distribution of the vaccines once available, so not a single vaccination occurred through his boastful “efforts.” Distribution of the vaccines was accomplished by the incoming Biden Administration, and 63 percent of all Americans are now fully vaccinated. Thanks Joe. And don’t forget that the Biden Administration is providing Coronavirus test kits and protective masks to everyone who wants them — for free.

I could go on, but you really should give President Biden some credit. It’s been a tough year with all that fake news, bad polls, and Fox News trying to improve their ratings. By the way, President Biden also engineered a trillion-dollar infrastructure act that will be used to replace that bridge that collapsed recently in Pittsburgh. Thanks Joe.

Incidentally, Presidents have little control over inflation; it’s not Joe’s fault. Actually, the Federal Reserve is in charge of fixing inflation, but Fox News won’t tell you that.

President Biden is surprisingly doing a good job, but he is not very good at promoting his accomplishments. Give him a few more years before you really decide to bring back the billionaire from hell who wants to be king. Don’t you remember? God help us all.

Don Feliciano ~ Luray, Va.

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