Enough is enough


~ The following letter was sent to several regional media outlets

Okay folks, enough is too much.

Since the beginning of the immunization push, the media has subjected the American public to a never-ending array of images of people receiving inoculations and pictures of syringes by the hand full.

This by itself is a huge turn off to a large segment of the population who are subject to trypanophobia (fear of shots) and comes close to guaranteeing they will never receive the vaccine. Young children are similarly turned off by these images which only adds to their reluctance to cooperate when it’s their turn for the shots.

These are just two examples of groups affected by those images. Some of us just don’t like looking at them and find them somewhat disgusting.  

If the media moguls are unwilling because of cost or unable to come up with an alternative set of images for this issue, it’s time for a campaign to replace them with those who care a bit more about the effect their images have on the viewing public.

They sure don’t have any trouble telling us what images they don’t approve of. 

Alan Eldridge ~ Luray, Va.


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  1. If Mr. Eldridge really wants to get sick from the local media, he should simply read the totally falsified letter to the editor in the October 7th edition of the local Luray Page News & Courier–no pictures necessary. The letter writer–one Mike Nestor from Luray–contends that the Covid vaccine is dangerous and not safe.

    This is the stuff conspiracy theories are made of and are referenced almost daily by President Biden and Dr. Fauci about such misinformation being the primary reason folk are not getting vaccinated and then getting the virus.

    Nestor is not a doctor or experienced in public health matters, and his typical nonsense letters do not include any references or citations of actual medical evidence or studies. People may very well die if they read and follow his ridiculous claims.

  2. Interesting, a grown man admitting he’s scared of needles…the needle is poked into the “fatty” part your arm, not your eye…seriously, is this serious?

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