Respect and stewardship of the public lands and waterways with respect to solar farms


Dear Editor,

I want to bring to the attention of the Page County Board of Supervisors and those in local government making decisions that respect and stewardship of the land and and the waterways must be shown to any public project or private endeavor, such as solar farms development.

Thirty-four years of construction inspection of public water/ waste water, storm water and industrial waste projects has taught me that Erosion Control Plans, storm water management, along with well thought out drawings, details ordinances are necessary.

Why? Because many times man, left to his own ways can destroy public waterways with carelessness.

Am I advocating too much governmental interference? No way.

Just enough to help Protect WHAT GOD has given us all to be able to enjoy.

Thomas Sansoni ~ Stanley, Va.

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  1. We recently moved to Stanley. The beauty of Skyline Drive and Blue Ridge mountains are a treasure to keep for future generations.
    I am not opposed solar on small scale.
    I am concerned about paving valleys with solar panels and wind turbines. Both have deadly effects on wild life.Birds & Bats litter the ground under turbines. Where do the used solar panels and huge parts of wind mills go? Our local dumps?
    In addition to the noise wind mills make which is loud and constant, enough to make nearby residents move. We need fossil fuels more than alternative energy which is not as reliable. It will be a sad day when we realize we gave up good farmland and Lovely vistas for something that might be obsolete in the future.

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