Page County’s drug court – a promising way to address a serious local problem


To the Editor:

Thanks to the Page County Public Forum for shining a light on the recently-launched Page County Drug Court — a collaborative effort among the County prosecutor’s office, law enforcement, the public defender, a JMU professor and mental health professionals.

I urge everyone concerned with the all-too-familiar and costly revolving door of incarceration/ release/renewed incarceration to watch this Forum online. The Drug Court is designed to help repair not only the lives of offenders, but also the families, friends, employers and larger community around them, while saving taxpayers money as well.

Thanks to the panelists who explained how the Drug Court does and doesn’t work— Holly Williams, Drug Court Coordinator; Dr. Amanda Teye, Professor of Political Science at JMU; Ken Alger, Page County Commonwealth’s Attorney; Da Rong Hultman, Public Defender; and Deveney Quinney, MA, SUD Therapist, at Northwestern Community Services Board.

Learn about this promising program through this link:

and use this passcode: p8yEZm$s

Skip Halpern ~ Luray, Va.

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  1. WOW! Having been part of what’s now called the integrative law movement for over 20 years and preparing to return to Shenandoah next summer to live with family, I am thrilled with this news.
    I have not yet had time to listen to the whole program yet, but I would love to know how it might connect with restorative justice and mindfulness. How can I best support the drug court and related ventures, starting while I still live across the country? Thanks to all who have had a part in this compassionate and productive process.

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