Warm weather


Dear Editor:

As we try to enjoy this November and December’s warm weather, we must remember that this warm weather is the worst thing that could be happening at this time, according to climate scientists. We are told that if this warming continues, in 50 0r 60 years down the road, we will suffer catastrophic, civilization-shattering consequences.

The environmental community never, never mentions any positive results from a warming planet. Many positive results are perfectly obvious, but our media has little interest in reporting good news. The predictions of future temperatures and sea level rise are always reported at the highest end of range. Actual temperature and sea level rise data for this century show a slow steady rise with no hint of the scientists wild future predictions.

I hope our 2022 weather will continue to warm, with little or no snow, for a safer and healthier year.

Happy New Year.

Paul Conklin Quigg ~ Luray, Va.


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  1. So you are smarter than the United States Army Corps of Engineers and the entire agriculture industry (our farmers)? Man made climate change is not Republican versus Democrat… it is a fact of life that serious people agree on…

      • Maybe once you learn what a “sOcIaL cOnStRuCt” actually is. I read the article, and you took it completely out of context. Yes periods of climate change mean periods of social upheaval… that’s why we should be concerned. Your use of that article shows that you cannot even get basic “chicken or egg” logical progression straight. Done here. I’ll wait til you steal more public WiFi for your response.

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