One-third of ballots cast in Page County prior to Election Day, polls open 6am – 7pm

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~ PVN staff report

LURAY, Nov. 1 — As voters head to the polls on Tuesday, about one-third of all anticipated ballots in the 2021 election have already been cast in Page County.

When early voting closed on Saturday, a total of 2,054 ballots had been cast in person since Sept. 17, according to Page County Voter Registrar Carol Gaunt, with another 531 ballots already mailed in. Absentee ballots with proper witness signatures will be accepted through the mail until the polls close on Election Day. As of Saturday, 115 requests for mail-in ballots had not been returned to the registrar’s office.

The 2,585 ballots that have already been cast represent 15.4 percent of the 16,760 registered voters in Page County. Based on previous gubernatorial election years in the county, Gaunt projected voter turnout at about 46 percent. That equates to 7,710 ballots anticipated in the Nov. 2 election — with 33.5 percent already cast.

Voters heading to the polls on Tuesday, Nov. 2, will cast their ballots at one of these five magisterial precincts between 6 a.m. and 7 p.m. after showing proper ID:

• DISTRICT 1 (West Luray) — Springfield Elementary, 158 Big Spring Lane, Rileyville (along Route 340 North)

• DISTRICT 2 (East Luray) — Luray VFW Post 621, 218 Veterans Lane, Luray (along Route 211 East)

• DISTRICT 3 (Marksville) —Stanley Fire Hall, 190 East Main Street, Stanley

• DISTRICT 4 (Newport) — Stanley Elementary, 306 Aylor Grubbs Avenue, Stanley (just off Main Street)

• DISTRICT 5 (Shenandoah Iron Works) — Shenandoah VFW Post 8613, 1103 Varina Avenue, Shenandoah



~ NOV. 2, 2021 ELECTION ~


• Glenn Youngkin (R)

• Terry McAuliffe (D)

• Princess Blanding (L)

Lieutenant Governor

• Winsome Sears (R)

• Hala Ayala (D)

Attorney General

• Jason Miyares (R)

• Mark Herring (D)

Virginia House of Delegates – 15th District

• C. Todd Gilbert (R)

• Emily G. Scott (D)

Page County Board of Supervisors

• Chairman — Keith P. Weakley (R), unopposed

• District 1 — D. Keith Guzy Jr. (R), unopposed

• District 5 — Jeffrey P. “Jeff” Vaughan (R), unopposed

Page County School Board


• Megan L. Gordon (I)

•Jason Scott Breeden (I)

• District 1 — Thomas “Tommy” Lansberry (I), unopposed

• District 5 — Jackie A. Sullivan-Smoot (I), unopposed

Luray Council (special election)

• Stephanie L. Lillard (I), unopposed



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