Page County Free Clinic partners with PACA and Steel Valley Fitness to offer wellness programs

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~ Press release provided by the Page County Free Clinic

LURAY, July 25 — New initiatives are making accessing quality healthcare services and programs easier for Page County residents. Patients of Page Free Clinic can now receive fresh produce, home medical visits and a free gym membership thanks to the nonprofit’s new programs and partnerships.

To help address issues around transportation that many individuals in area face, the clinic is now offering free home health visits to uninsured patients throughout Page County. Patients can contact the clinic to schedule services.  

The clinic partnered with the Page Alliance for Community Action to provide free produce to patients. Every Tuesday, local students harvest fresh vegetables from the nonprofits’ community garden and bring them to Page Free Clinic for patients to take home.

“When talking with our patients and others within the community we serve, transportation is always raised as an issue,” said Ben Dolewski, executive director at Page Free Clinic. “The home visits are safe, private and convenient, while helping address a barrier to care many patients face.”

The clinic’s at home services include patient assessment with lab work, wellness checks, care coordination and prescription assistance.

In addition to fresh produce and home visits, Page Free Clinic is also partnering with Steel Valley Fitness to offer free gym memberships to patients.

“We hope our patients will take advantage of these new programs and that they’ll help make it easier to receive preventative care and build healthy habits,” said Dolewski.

Page County adults earning less than $44,000 per year — or 300 percent of the federal poverty line — are eligible for the clinic’s services. The clinic offers free healthcare services to Page County residents without health insurance. 

Clinic leaders estimate that almost one in six people in Page County do not have health insurance.

Services include office visits, essential lab work, women’s health programs, dental services, diabetes support, HIV/STI testing and more.

For more on Page Free Clinic and eligibility requirements visit

To contact the clinic, call 540-743-1054 or email



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