Page Valley News continues to grow entering third year of local coverage

2nd anniversary

By Randy Arrington, publisher

There were days when we were glad to get 100 readers, now we’re disappointed if we don’t get between 1,000 to 2,000 within 24 hours. On July 4th, we reported to our readers that we had surpassed 1 million pageviews since launching 17 months before on Feb. 3, 2020. Six months later, we’re approaching 1.5 million.

Our continued growth is due to each one of you, and we are grateful.

Much like larger media outlets, we also struggle with limited resources and personnel — maybe to an extreme — yet we persistently strive to keep up with the daily happenings in Page County. While our blanket approach still leaves some things uncovered, we continue to look for ways to grow our coverage of meetings, ballgames and other events that shape our community.

Feel free to approach us about writing a monthly column or providing information about your group or cause. Submit a photo of the championship rec league team, or sit down and pen a letter to the editor. PVN is more than an online news site covering Page County. It’s an interactive kiosk for our community, where you can check the conditions on the Shenandoah River, adopt a pet from the animal shelter, watch a video about your neighbor, look for job openings, vote in a survey, learn a little history, scan headlines, check scores and even add your own comments about all of it.

We still have visions for this website that are yet unrealized — new features, expanded coverage — but we will slowly and surely continue to move toward those goals as long as the community continues to show the support that it has throughout our first two years.

We truly appreciate the numerous community contributions we have received, from photos, scores, stats and press releases, to corporate sponsorships and private donations.

Page Valley News continues to grow each week, and we are proud to share a few numbers with both our readers and our advertising clients. Thank you for making the following possible, and we look forward to growing right along with the communities in the Page Valley.

In the week prior to our second anniversary:

  • 13,221 unique users;
  • 17,754 visits or sessions;
  • 29,094 pageviews.

In the month of January:

  • 31,163 unique users;
  • 52,402 visits or sessions;
  • 91,169 pageviews.

In 2021, Jan. 1 – Dec. 31:

  • 198,240 unique users;
  • 410,897 visits or sessions;
  • 733,965 pageviews.

Since launching on Feb. 3, 2020:

  • 330,749 unique users;
  • 756,884 visits or sessions;
  • 1,470,692 pageviews.

To share information, news tips or inquire about column writing opportunities, please send an email to:



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