Please remember to support local businesses, now more than ever


Dear Editor,

Downtowns are the center of activity, arts and commerce for small towns all over the country.

We are lucky enough to call this beautiful place home and Downtown Luray is a place where locals can be proud, our visitors can create memories, and we can see our entrepreneurial spirit come alive.

Our small businesses need us now more than ever.

Many large companies will survive this crisis, but many locally owned shops, salons, entertainment venues and restaurants will not. While times are uncertain let us remain unwavering in our commitment to our community.

We want to remind our friends and neighbors that we are in this together, and it is together that we will fight through this challenge and recover stronger than ever.

Please remember to support local businesses any way that you can today and in the days to come. Shop via social media, phone or online. Dine local with take out, delivery and curbside pick-up. Buy gift cards to use when the doors are open again. Make donations or buy tickets to future events.

These small acts will help our artists, entrepreneurs, service industry, and business owners survive.

Downtown Luray is the heart of our community and together we will persevere.  


Meredith Dees
Program Director
Luray Downtown Initiative  

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