Restored caboose headed for Stevens Cottage

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April 23, 1987 J.P. Mills of Shenandoah is heading the Shenandoah Heritage Center Committee for restoration of a vintage 1916 wooden caboose that has seen much service on the Norfolk and Western Railroad and particularly on the Shenandoah Valley Line.

The old caboose will be brought out of retirement, refurbished and mounted on a segment of track to be located on the grounds of Stevens Cottage in Shenandoah.

Moving the caboose from the present location to the Stevens Cottage grounds will be quite a job, a heritage center spokesman noted.

Mills said a lowboy-type hauling trailer will have to be used.

When on the lowboy, the caboose will require an overhead clearance of more than 16 feet meaning that it cannot be towed through the railroad underpass that enters Shenandoah on Va. 602.

Either a roundabout route through Elkton or a temporary road along the river to the higher arch at the end of Junior Avenue in Shenandoah will have to be followed, Mills said. 

~ From the public archives of the Page News and Courier

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