Schools seek input on strategic plan

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~ PVN staff report

Page County Public Schools is currently in the process of updating its strategic plan and now wants input from faculty, staff and the public on the initiatives laid out to guide its path forward.

“With the help and hard work of many, the division has been updating its strategic plan,” Dr. Wendy Gonzales stated in an email to the 600-plus employees of PCPS. “We have edited and streamlined the draft that was recently sent out to the School Board members, the employee advisory committee, the parent advisory committee as well as the school and division leadership teams based on their input and feedback.

“We would like each of you to have a chance to review it as well,” the superintendent continued. “There will be a public comment period at the next school board meeting (this Monday night) and you may use the email to provide comments and feedback. A paper copy is being provided for each school for those who would like to review in a non-digital format. We plan to present it for approval at our second school board meeting in June. Thank you again to everyone who helped to bring this document together.”

Those wishing to view a paper copy of the proposed strategic plan at a particular school, will need to call that school and set up a time to come in.

As mentioned above questions and comments may be directed to:

Comments will also be allowed during the next meeting of the Page County School Board on Monday, June 8 at 6:30 p.m.

An online copy of the PCPS Strategic Plan may be seen at:


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