Sheriff’s Office seeks help to ID ‘Antifa’ suspect

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~ Press release issued by the Page County Sheriff’s Office on April 30

The Page County Sheriff’s Office is requesting assistance in identifying the individual in this photo/video.

The male subject approached private property and allegedly stole a political sign and a flag.

It is alleged that the suspect also left “Antifa” propaganda at the property.

Page County as well as surrounding counties have been receiving reports of “Antifa” propaganda being left in mailboxes and on private property.

Anyone with information on the identification of this individual is asked to contact Captain Tim Lansberry of the Page County Sheriff’s Office, Criminal Investigations Division (540)743-7810.

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  1. For those who may be unfamiliar with the group known as ANTIFA, they are a dangerous organization rooted in anarchy and Marxist ideology. The letters in the acronym ANTIFA used by the organization stands for Anti-Fascist, yet everything they stand for and do reflects the very essence of a fanatical Fascist ideology. Their organization uses the same tactics deployed by both the Gestapo and the SS in Nazi Germany. Their methods of espousing their radical UN-American agenda are both dangerous and reprehensible. ANTIFA carefully selects their targets to ensure they can prey upon the weak and helpless without resistance. In many examples I have seen televised and reported examples of this. Many times, local law enforcement can be seen standing in the background doing nothing. This is usually attributable to local political officials, such as mayors, giving their local police stand-down orders. ANTIFA thugs beat and bully their prey who most often require hospital emergency room treatment afterwards. They are a mirror image of the “Brown-Shirts” deployed by Adolph Hitler just prior to the Nazi’s obtaining complete power over the people of Germany. The term “Nazi” is tossed around way too much by political demagogues ignorant of history and blinded by naivety that the term has become grossly diluted.
    A next door neighbor of mine, who passed away a few years back, was a child and German citizen during that period and told me first hand stories of his families experiences in life under the Nazi’s. The gentleman just described was a good and kind man who had been coming to Page County since the 1950’s and he and his wife moved here to Page County from Maryland after they retired. This neighbor, who had seen all this play out before, was shocked that this had begun happening in America. He even told me that this time he would stand and fight because death would be better than what he endured in Germany; he meant what he said. We should all stand shoulder to shoulder against such intolerable behavior by any group or individual and support the good men and women of our Sheriff’s Department 100% in their efforts to apprehend the ANTIFA individual described herein and depicted by our Sheriff’s Office.

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