Thanks for help at landfill


I want to acknowledge the folks at the Battle Creek Landfill for their courteous, professional service.

My son and I had an estate to clear out in less than a week. We stopped at the landfill on Monday morning, Feb. 24, and before we could get back to the house in Elkton, we received a call that our first dumpster was on its way.

We called for pickup and delivery for Tuesday morning, and they came out first thing to set us up for the second day.

Realizing we had a dirt driveway and we had some rain, they did all they could to minimize damage from the truck.

We sure appreciated their help. Everyone at the office and the drivers were so helpful, courteous and efficient.

We could not have met our closing date without Tobey, Greg and Jeff.

Deb Giard — Northfield, MA

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