Two people, one stone

Luray museum

November 14, 1889A singular accident occurred at Mr. Perry Finter’s, about a mile east of town, Sunday morning.

Mr. Finter, wife and son, a lad about 13 years of age, were in the woods near home, gathering hickory nuts, when Mr. and Mrs. Finter were hit by a stone knocking them both senseless for a few minutes.

It appears that Mr. Finter and wife were seated under a tree gathering the nuts when the young man threw a stone into the tree, striking a limb, glancing and striking Mr. Finter on the head, which again glanced and struck Mrs. Finter on the head.

Both parties received ugly wounds on the scalp, though we are glad to learn that neither is badly hurt. Dr. Keller being summoned dressed the wounds.

In all the catalogue of singular accidents we have never heard of one that equaled this. 

~ From the public archives of the Page News and Courier

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