‘Valley Health has put finances over health’


I am not sure what part of Valley Health these people don’t understand. It is obvious they are not concerned about the people in the valley or their health.

My husband is 81, has had two strokes, open heart, diabetes and lots of other health issues. He went to the fitness center on Main Street almost every day until it closed for 15 years, then he started going to Valley Health Fitness and Wellness Center. He went every day until COVID, and then tapered off a little. He started back full time a while back when health issues permitted.

When you miss a few days, it is like starting over again when you go back. He hasn’t worked out since it closed and it is showing. I will not go into the details, but it is bad. Also the social contact is equally important. There was a group who showed up around the same time every day and became close. They all keep in touch, and we’re always there for each other. 

It is obvious Valley Health has put finances over health. Surprise, surprise. I am pretty sure Valley Health can afford a fitness center even IF it is losing money. How sad that our health care here in Luray has been taken over by a company with no regard for anyone but themselves.

And the worst part is we have no choice. 

Joyce Legg ~ Luray, Va.


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