Water testing clinics set for October

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~ Press release provided by the Virginia Cooperative Extension

The Virginia Cooperative Extension is offering Northern Shenandoah Valley residents — residents of Page, Clarke, Frederick, Shenandoah and Warren counties — the opportunity to have their water tested in October for common contaminants.

The Drinking Water Clinics give people with private water systems access to affordable water testing, help interpreting their water test results, and information about possible treatment options. Since public water systems are regulated and regularly tested, additional testing isn’t needed if homes are on town/city water or if your community has its own water system.


Registration opened Monday, Aug. 16 and the deadline for registration and payment is Monday, Oct. 11. Space is limited. You can register in one of two ways:


The cost for the analysis is $60 per sample kit.

  • Financial Scholarships Available: Cost reduction to $10 per sample kit is available for those who have an annual household income of $50,000 or less. Please contact the Virginia Cooperative Extension Frederick County Office at (540) 665-5699 to inquire and receive the discount code. 


The water testing covers 14 common contaminants including Iron, Manganese, Sulfate, Hardness, Sodium, Copper, Nitrate, Arsenic, Fluoride, pH, Total Dissolved Solids, Coliform bacteria, E. coli bacteria, and Lead.


Below are the steps participants will take as part of the water clinic. Please see the website for specific details on date, time, and location for your county.

  1. Participants will pick up their sample kit(s) at the designated location for their county.
  2. Participants will participate in the live Kick-Off Session via Zoom to receive instructions on collecting a household water sample.
  3. Participants will collect a sample from their tap at home, complete a short questionnaire, an­­d drop off their sample at the designated location and time for their county.
  4. Participants will attend the in-person Results Meeting in December to help them understand their results. At the meeting, they will receive their confidential results and information about addressing any problems.


For more information about the Drinking Water Clinics, contact Vanessa Santiago at vsantiago@vt.edu or call your local Virginia Cooperative Extension Office at the phone number below:

VCE – Clarke County                          540-955-5164

VCE – Frederick County                     540-665-5699

VCE – Page County                             540-778-5794

VCE – Shenandoah County               540-459-6140

VCE – Warren County                        540-635-4549

For a specific schedule by county, a registration form and more information, click the link below for a three-page PDF on the Drinking Water Clinics:




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