Why not a cannery in Page?

Old country road

August 11, 1887 — Why not have in Page a cannery for putting up peaches, tomatoes, corn, peas, beans, etc.?

As we stated last week, 19 have been established and are now in active operation in Botetourt County, employing seven or eight hundred hands. Roanoke County, also, has a number of such establishments.

The farmers of that section have discovered what our farmers are learning, that the days for raising wheat with a profit, are past, and are turning their attention in other directions.

During a recent visit to that section we saw on a number of farms, fields of tomatoes being raised for these canneries, and were informed by the growers that a yield of 800 bushels to the acre is not unusual, and that they bring 20 cents per bushel at the cannery.

In addition to this, the farmers are also paying great attention to the growing of peaches, many of them having peach orchards ranging from 10 to 40 acres each.

Our farmers may well learn a lesson from this example of thrift and disposition to conform their operations to the necessities of the times.

~ From the public archives of the Page News and Courier

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