Wife beater in jail

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August 29, 1889A man named Raines, who lives near Rileyville, this county, was arrested last Sunday on the charge of beating his wife.

He had a hearing before Justice Jas. B. Good on Monday morning who committed him to jail.

Raines is said to have been beastly drunk, and while in that condition assaulted his wife, knocking her down and stamping her with his boots in a most brutal manner.

At first she was thought to be seriously injured, but we have since learned that she is not dangerously hurt.

Raines was indicted on Tuesday.

There is no specific statute in this state against wife beaters, though we are informed that the law on the subject of assault and battery is clearly applicable to such cases, and the penalty is either or both fine and imprisonment in jail or the penitentiary.

Later, Raines was rited before a jury on Tuesday in the county court fined $40 and costs, and sentenced to jail for 25 days. 

~ From the public archives of the Page News and Courier

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