A sad death

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April 30, 1891 — Thomas N. Miller, a young man aged 15 years, son of Mr. B.W. Miller, of Rileyville, this county, was killed by the train at that place last Sunday morning.

In attempting to jump upon a passing freight train, his foot slipped through the step, throwing him under the cars, which passed over his body, literally grinding it to pieces. He died in about 10 minutes. Dr. Hudson, coroner, was summoned, but deemed an inquest unnecessary.

The unfortunate young man was boarding the train for a ride to the trestle, a few rods south of Rileyville, where the train stops at the water tank, and of course no blame attaches to anyone for the sad accident.

His family was overwhelmed with grief at his terrible death, and they have the deep sympathy of all their friends. 

~ From the public archives of the Page News and Courier


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