Blind man robbed at Springfield store

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August 4, 1966 — One of the most heartless and cowardly crimes occurring in Page County in many years was perpetrated Thursday of last week.

Thieves rifled a blind man’s register of some $30 as he was putting gas in a customer’s car outside his combination grocery store and service station near Springfield Elementary School on U.S. 340 north of Luray. Only 50 cents worth of gas was purchased while the robbery took place.

Preston Mauck, son of Mr. and Mrs. Lynn Mauck, of Rileyville, was the victim.

Preston had gone to school and learned to operate a grocery store and service station using the Braille system. He was quite proficient at it, but it is a hard matter for a blind man to cope with a miscreant with two good eyes.

It is a credit to Preston that he is trying to earn a living in spite of his handicap instead of being a burden to his family and community. People who would take such advantage of a blind man would do most anything.

Mauck also lost about $4 the same way Monday of this week.

The Page County Sheriff ’s Office is investigating the thievery. However, so far no arrests have been reported.

The blind man’s store was broken into at night earlier this year and a quantity of merchandise was stolen. Two men were arrested and convicted. 

~ From the public archives of the Page News and Courier

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