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September 27, 1962Sheriff Abraham Brubaker’s much-battered Page County jail barely avoided another break-out this week when a hole in a metal cell holding nine prisoners was discovered by a state Board of Corrections inspector.

These inspections are made regularly by the State Board and recommendations for improvement of quarters, etc., made to the county.

The Board has long complained about the inadequacy of the building and need for modernization.

Sheriff Brubaker, however, came in for a lot of praise from Inspector William S. Brent. He said the Page County sheriff had “done wonders with a very inadequate jail” and commented that if there was to be an escape it would be due to the faulty structure, and not the Sheriff ’s precautions.

Brubaker was quick to have the hole, about 8×10 inches, welded shut. The cell in question was used mainly for prisoners in felony cases. 

~ From the public archives of the Page News and Courier

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