Canning cress

Old country road

March 22, 1962 — The I.N. Dovel Canning Company has begun cutting cress for this season’s pack. Each morning a bus starts from the factory carrying labor to Greene County where 175 acres are out.

Mrs. Elizabeth Mellon, of Stanley, is field boss. I.R. Dovel head of the factory, say she expects to employ 150 persons when the season is at its height. Altogether he has out 240 acres in Greene, Page and Rockingham counties. Three buses will be used. At present the cress needs to grow more, the  present weather having been just a little too much snow.

The Dovel Canning Factory originally canned tomatoes. One day, Mr. and Mrs. Dovel wanted some dry land cress and could not find any in the stores. After looking into the matter, they began canning on a small scale. At present, they are in continuous production with cress and beans. 

~ From the public archives of the Page News and Courier

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